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Chinese Tourists in Bali Loves Using WeChat

To attract more tourist from China, we have been using WeChat (Weixin if we speaking it in Chinese), the most popular instant messaging app in China. The application is so powerful so that we have been receiving many car rental booking via WeChat, submitted by Chinese tourist. So for those Chinese tourist who would like to spend the holiday in Bali, and had a plan to rent a car here, you can please contact us via our WeChat ID number.

Of course, another way to make a booking beside using WeChat app, you can also make a car rental booking via our website online form.

While Whatsapp is the most popular instant messaging app in general, but it is unsuccessful when we talking about China. There in China, the most popular one is WeChat, not Whatsapp. So that is why we provide our Wechat ID on our web pages. In order to the tourist from China can make a contact easier with us.

Here is please find our WeChat ID (phone number): +62 81 933 017 722.

So please add contact our number. After that you can ask us everything you need to know about Bali car rental terms and condition. After you satisfied with our explanation you can then just make an order via our conversation on WeChat.

We have been receiving many Chinese tourist for the last 4 years. So we had many experience how to deal with. Do not worry about our service. Most of our previous Chinese guest the were very satisfied with our guest.

Please feels free to read our customer testimonial page; some of them listed there were coming from China.

Also please be noted almost Chinese tourist always rented the automatic gear car. They do not like (and mostly cannot) driving the manual gearbox. So we advise you taking the Toyota Avanza as well, as this type of car has the option for both automatic and manual gearbox.

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