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China Tourist in Bali

The number of tourist from China to Bali has been increasing significantly. For the period of January – October 2012, the increasing number of Chinese tourist is the highest one, compare to other country. The number is 273,684 visitors, which is raising up for 37.68 percent compare to the same period in 2011. This is the good for the tourism industry in Bali, as China now at the top 5 country for their tourist visiting Bali. Those 5 top country area Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea.

It is no doubt, as we, the organizer of one of most reputable car rental company in Bali, called Bima Sakti Rent Car, through the famous website also got the same fact. Just for some few last months, we have been receiving an email order regarding Bali car rental request from China. Most of them, the tourist from China who had been reserve for car rental, prefer to self drive rather than with the driver. Many of them is still young, sometime as a couple.

They are all very energic and full with spirit. This is good. Because they do need it to explore the island. Although Bali is a small island, but as there are so many things ready to be explored, this kind of spirit will help much to do any activities they can do in Bali.

For the information, Chinese tourist is very happy to rent the car in Auto transmission. Only some of them were choose for the manual one. Because of that, in our company, the Toyota Avanza as the only one car rental in auto gear is oftenly rented by them. So we must increse to stock or our automatic transmission car recently. Another interesting thing regarding Chinese tourist, they are also happy to choose the red color of the car. But, sadly, especially for the Toyota Avanza, there is no Avanza is red color, so mostly we would say sorry to them regarding the condition, and they will just understand about it.

The tourist of China is also concern with the terms of the insurance. Seems that the car insurance is one of the most importance thing for them. They are also asked much for the driving license. Whether their country of origin driving license, or the international one should they bring in order to drive in Bali, is oftenly asked by them.

All of the question from them is okay. It is a common thing in car rental industry in Bali. Our reservation staff will be so happy to give them the advises regarding all the questions, so the confident and the comfort of the tourist will be guaranteed as well.

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