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Cheapest Car Rental in Bali

We provide the cheapest car rental for you to select. This is the lowest price of car rental in Bali yet still popular among the tourist especially those who in a tight budget on traveling. The cheapest car rental in Bali is the Suzuki Jimny. Also known as the Suzuki Katana. The Katana is a Japanese language, and it has the meaning of sword in English. The Jimny is a mini jeep car type.

The Suzuki Jimny price is only IDR 200.000 per day, which is so cheap! It is equivalent with about USD 16. To refer the most updated exchange rate between Indonesian Rupiah into US Dollar, or any other currency please visit our currency converter page.

The Suzuki Jimny is a four seater car, but it is highly advised that your group is only two of you in order to get the conveniences driving this car. So, only you and a friend. Or, only you 1 person. In short, the Jimny is suitable for a couple.

If you are on a group with three or four persons, the car will not comfortable. Why? Because the back seat does not designed to be that comfort. Furthermore the car doesn’t have a space for luggage at the back. So best thing for the back seat is used to store for your luggage instead.

The category of the Suzuki Jimny is a small size car. Although it is good for a small and narrow road in Bali particularly in the south and Tegalalang Ubud area, the car doesn’t recommended if you had a plan to explore the island right from the south to the north, from the east to the west.

For example if you would like to go to the north Bali in Pemuteran. When you go to this place you will need to climb the mountain. Although the Jimny will be strong enough, but still this is an old car.

Please be noticed that the Jimny was discontinued in 2003, thus the car is quiet an old car. Once again, although it is still very popular among the tourist, thing again if you would like to rent this car.

If you stay longer in Bali (more than a week) and would like to explore every places, try to rent another reliable and more power car.

If you can, just upgrade the car to the another one or two class higher car, like the the Suzuki Karimun or the Toyota Avanza. This way to ensure your trip across the island will be in a safe and smooth way.

The Jimny is good enough to be rented if you will need it only few days (3 – 5 days renting). Not only it is the cheapest car rental in Bali, but also it it a small size car; easy to ride.

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