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Car Rental Round Up

The Nearest Gas Station from Bali Airport

So you decided to go to Bali for your next holiday and also decided to rent a car by self driven, no need driver. That is good choice. By renting a car in Bali self drive you will have more great experiences about the island. You can move easily between one place to another, between one area to another. When you make a booking for car rental in Bali, there are two option you can receive your car; in your hotel, or directly at Bali Denpasar Airport on your arrival. (more…)

Which One is Better: Self Driving in Bali or With the Driver?

There are two options for the tourist who would like exploring the island. Both of them offering good experiences. Both of them (between self driven and renting a car without driver) offering plus and minus. You know, in Bali, land trip with the car could be challenging, especially if you haven’t visited Bali, and thus haven’t driven here at all. To guide you which one is better lets find out the advantages and disadvantages between renting a car by by self drive or hire a driver. (more…)

Bali Car Rental Automatic

Rent a Bali car in automatic gear for your land trip could be the best choice. It can give you a convenience-safer road trip while you are moving around the island. Despite you have been driving an automatic car in your country for daily activity, driving in Bali may have some challenging experience still. Mostly, the small and narrow road is the main reason. Although not all road in Bali is too narrow, no doubt driving the automatic car is a good choice. This is why most of our customers from Russia and China loves much renting the automatic car. (more…)

Russian and Chinese Loves To Drive an Automatic Gear Car in Bali

When renting a car in Bali, almost all tourist from Russia and China were loves to drive an automatic car rental. Russian and Chinese tourist like it much because they said most car in their country produced in automatic one, following the market demand. It is easy to navigate, they said match to used for holiday, like in Bali. While other tourist from other country (European such as French and UK, and Asian such Malaysia and South Korea), despite they actually love to drive an automatic one, but more than half of them was okay to driver the manual gear one. (more…)

Petrol Information in Bali

When you are dealing with petrol in Bali, the terms maybe have some differential from your country of origin. An especially if you rent a car in Bali for your daily trip, these information, such as about petrol price in Bali could help you when you need to buy it at gas station. (more…)

Tyre Problem

Just early this week, one of our customer Mr. Pascal from French have had an accident during his trip in north of Bali using one of our car rental, the Toyota Avanza. When he drove the car to the beach area in Seririt (close to Lovina beach) he hit a sharp wood which was lying down near a small street. It was rainy there and could be because of slippery. And also he might be driven the car way to the left, and that why he hit the wood. (more…)

Guides How To Go To North Bali On Your Arrival

We have been serving for so many tourist who have to go to north of Bali on their arrival. So after receiving their car rental at Bali airport based on the arrival flight given, they were then go to north Bali. In north Bali, they will usually stay in Lovina or Seririt area. For your information, it will take for about 3 hours to reach Lovina, and another an hour (so 4 hours) to reach Seririt from Bali airport. Please be noted that it is a long trip so be prepared for everything in advance. (more…)

Rupiah That Has Too Many Zero..

We have been offering 2 type of currencies to our guest regarding for the car rental price. The first one is in Rupiah and another one is in US Dollar. For the renter (the tourist), both currencies have their own advantage. Rupiah has a lower rate than the US Dollar, on certain type of car rental. While if the renter chooses US Dollar it would make them easier to understand regarding the nominal, or the amount they have to pay. But basically, the amount they must to pay is the same. It is only a matter of exchange rate. And speaking to the exchange between Rupiah and any other currency, not only US Dollar, there were a joke around it 🙂 (more…)

Pick Up The Car Rental in Sanur Harbour

There are many places regarding where to receive a car rental in Bali. The most common one is receive it in Bali Airport based on the arrival date. Others is receive the car in the hotel where you are staying. Or, in Padangbai harbour where you come to Bali from Gili island in Lombok. Or in Gilimanuk harbour after you spent holiday in Java island. And now this blog explains you how to receive the car in Sanur harbour, just after you landing from Lembongan island. (more…)

Between Conventional Taxi, Online Taxi and Car Rental

Transportation is an important facility in a tourism  destination. No exception in Bali. By knowing the transportation conditions in Bali, you will get some guides how to deal with. Choose the best one which one is best for your needs. And here are 3 types of transportation that can the tourist rely on. (more…)