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Sanur Village Festival 2012

Sanur is the perfect place to see the beautiful sunrise in Bali. Sanur usually is the quiet peaceful area everyday, but starting by today the area will be more festive, as there is now a festival called Sanur Village Festival (SVF) 2012.  This festival is celebrating for 5 days on 26th – 30th September. Have fun in Sanur now in this week end! (more…)

Bali to Serious with China High Spending Money Tourist

Bali is now to be more serious to maintain the market of China tourists. To be more specific, Bali wants to get more Chinese high spending money, so that they will stay longer  and spend more money to buy some handicraft and any other merchandise from Bali. Or, trying more for some activities such as diving, and get for more for spa service in Bali. This is important to boost the quantity and quality for the tourism industry in Bali in 2015, especially from China. (more…)

5 Millions Tourist Visiting Bali in 2015

The Governor of Bali Province, Made Mangku Pastika had estimated that the amount of overseas tourist from around the world, who will visiting Bali will be reached 5 millions. The estimation based on the better conditions of the infrastructures to support Bali tourism. Also, the trend of the increasing tourist visiting Bali per year, toughen the estimation. In this year 2012, it has been predictable that total amount of the tourist will reached 3 millions. (more…)

Indonesia Enjoys the Increasing Number of Tourist

Indonesia is one of the most favorite destination for overseas tourist. This is come from the fact that the number of visiting from overseas tourist in Indonesia is increasing. The number is 3.8 million visitors in the early year. This is increase for 7.75 percent compared with the last year, same period. Seem that the Indonesian government project, called Visit Indonesia Year 2012 is on the right track. (more…)

The World’s Best Regional Airline Awarded to Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Airlines Tbk (GIAA), an airline company owned by the Indonesian government, just recently receive a prestigious award as The World’s Best Regional Airline. The award has been given at the Farnborough Airshow in England. The CEO of Garuda Indonesia, Mr Emirsyah Satar just said this award is as a result of the hard works of all of the Garuda employees. (more…)

Toll Road in Bali Will be Opened July 2013

The tourism industry in Bali is now booming. The amount of visitor who has been visiting Bali is increased much. Thus, other development such as properties (hotel, villa, other accommodation) will follow the trend. Not only that, the transportation sector is also booming. Many car rental companies must buy some new car rentals to make sure that all their customers (the tourists) will be served. As the amount of the car is increasing, the building development along the road is also running at the same time, with no widen capacity of the road, then the nightmare is now happening: traffic jam!


Bali (Still) As The Tourism Icon in Indonesia

Until today, the culture values of Bali still as the icon of tourism industry in Indonesia. The values has been attracting as a magnet of tourism for years. Simple proof why Bali still as the icon is the amount of tourist who has been visiting Bali shown increasing. People from around the globe always take their time to spend their holiday in Bali, as well. (more…)

Garuda Indonesia Reopening Bali-Haneda Flight

After 20 years no flight to Haneda Japan, Garuda Indonesia Airways (GIA) a national airline, is now reopening the flight from Denpasar Bali to Haneda Japan. On April 27th, 2012, Garuda reopen for the first time flight. The opening of this flight bringing the big hope to increase the visiting of Japanese tourist to Indonesia, especially Bali. (more…)

Kuta Beach is Now (Temporary) Clean

After have got some attentional from the world, tons of garbage along the Kuta beach has been removed out. From the very dirty on the beach, it is now (temporary) very clean. The re-cleaning of the beach have been involved with many of people. The Kuta beach authority increasing the frequently of the garbage cleaning at the beach. For about 150 trader, the owner of the stall at the beach has been asked, and then involved with the activities. (more…)

Japan Earth Quake & Tsunami, Bali Lose 2,800 Rooms per Night

The earth quake and tsunami in Japan recently (and then followed with the nuclear radiation) brings the affect of the Japanese  tourist visiting the island of Bali. There is a prediction that Bali loosing about 2,800 rooms per night, because the disaster of Japan tsunami. The statement of the forecasting has been informed by the Chief of Indonesian Hotel & Restaurant Board, in Bali. (more…)