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Testimonials from Our Russian Customers

We have been serving a trusted-qualified car rental service in Bali for decades. We rent the car to the tourist who has been coming to Bali either with or without driver. We tried hard to provide the best car rental service experiences we can. And that’s why we receive so many great testimonial from our guest. And from many tourist from several country who used our service, Russia is one of the top customers.

Here they are for some great testimonial you can find regarding our service; (more…)

Chinese Tourists in Bali Loves Using WeChat

To attract more tourist from China, we have been using WeChat (Weixin if we speaking it in Chinese), the most popular instant messaging app in China. The application is so powerful so that we have been receiving many car rental booking via WeChat, submitted by Chinese tourist. So for those Chinese tourist who would like to spend the holiday in Bali, and had a plan to rent a car here, you can please contact us via our WeChat ID number. (more…)

The Nearest Gas Station from Bali Airport

So you decided to go to Bali for your next holiday and also decided to rent a car by self driven, no need driver. That is good choice. By renting a car in Bali self drive you will have more great experiences about the island. You can move easily between one place to another, between one area to another. When you make a booking for car rental in Bali, there are two option you can receive your car; in your hotel, or directly at Bali Denpasar Airport on your arrival. (more…)

Masjid in Bali Airport

We have many customers who came from Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, and also from Middle East country, especially Saudi Arabian. We also have Muslims customers who is living in European country. And also of course domestic tourist from Indonesia. Some of them asked us where I can find a masjid (mosque) here near the airport to perform salat. Usually after their arrival in Bali airport, they would like first to have a pray. (more…)

Russian and Chinese Loves To Drive an Automatic Gear Car in Bali

When renting a car in Bali, almost all tourist from Russia and China were loves to drive an automatic car rental. Russian and Chinese tourist like it much because they said most car in their country produced in automatic one, following the market demand. It is easy to navigate, they said match to used for holiday, like in Bali. While other tourist from other country (European such as French and UK, and Asian such Malaysia and South Korea), despite they actually love to drive an automatic one, but more than half of them was okay to driver the manual gear one. (more…)

Petrol Information in Bali

When you are dealing with petrol in Bali, the terms maybe have some differential from your country of origin. An especially if you rent a car in Bali for your daily trip, these information, such as about petrol price in Bali could help you when you need to buy it at gas station. (more…)

Ngurah Rai Denpasar Bali Airport

Bali airport is called I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali. I Gusti Ngurah Rai is refer to the local hero who fought against the Dutch colonial in 1946. This second busiest airport in Indonesia (the first one is Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia) is located in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. It is relatively close to Kuta and round up area. (more…)

Video: Getting Experience With Sarbagita Bus

As informed that there is lack public transportation in Bali. The tourist does not have much choice of how they can move easily between once place to another in the island. Despite we can find easily for taxi and car rental company in Bali, but that for private purpose. The tourists looking for more than that. A public transport like bus connected some places of interest would be more enjoyable. (more…)

Guides How To Go To North Bali On Your Arrival

We have been serving for so many tourist who have to go to north of Bali on their arrival. So after receiving their car rental at Bali airport based on the arrival flight given, they were then go to north Bali. In north Bali, they will usually stay in Lovina or Seririt area. For your information, it will take for about 3 hours to reach Lovina, and another an hour (so 4 hours) to reach Seririt from Bali airport. Please be noted that it is a long trip so be prepared for everything in advance. (more…)

Pick Up The Car Rental in Sanur Harbour

There are many places regarding where to receive a car rental in Bali. The most common one is receive it in Bali Airport based on the arrival date. Others is receive the car in the hotel where you are staying. Or, in Padangbai harbour where you come to Bali from Gili island in Lombok. Or in Gilimanuk harbour after you spent holiday in Java island. And now this blog explains you how to receive the car in Sanur harbour, just after you landing from Lembongan island. (more…)