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Car Rental in Nusa Dua Bali

Nusa Dua, still as the prestigious area in Bali, home of 5 stars class or diamond hotel such as Hyatt, Conrad, Courtyard, Sheraton and many more, is not far from the famous Kuta area. Thus, Nusa Dua has lot of potential customers who want to get some servives while they are in Bali. And almost everyday, we have been receiving some call from the guests from this area asked for some car rental, whether for self drive or with the driver.

Although we are located in Kuta area, renting a car from our company for those who stay in Nusa Dua is not a problem. Normally, depend on the traffic condition, from Kuta to Nusa Dua can be reached in about 45 minutes. About the traffic its self, especially on the office hours, the condition does not good. Worst time is about at 9am when the office starts, then lunch time at 12 noon, and then after end of office time around 5pm.

But now, after the finishing of some big projects in Bali to handle the traffic problem, now Kuta – Nusa Dua can be reached only for about 15 minutes! Just recently in October 2013, Bali now has the toll road connected the new terminal building of the international Ngurah Rai Bali airport to Nusa Dua, and also Sanur and Denpasar. It is including the connection between Kuta and Nusa Dua. Another project is the completed underpass project in Sunset Road area. It is helping bottle neck problem for traffic in Sunset road. Now, as the project has just finished, the traffic is becoming normal.

So, for those who are staying in Nusa Dua, and would like to rent a car immediately from our company which is located in Kuta area, do not worry regarding the time of delivering. We can deliver the car to your hotel in Nusa Dua in about 30 minutes. But of course, to avoid any late, we advise you to book the car minimum 2 hours before. Especially under week end, high season July-August, or peak season New year, make a booking some days in advance is a gentle way to ensure you find the car you desired.

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