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Can I Drive The Car Outside Bali Island?

Renting a self driven car in Bali gives you many advantages. Unlike if you rent the car With driver option, a self driven car rental give you more freedom regarding the time, destination and privacy. By driving by your self you can visit any any area you would like to see in the island. However, the comparison between which one is better; rental the car with driver or without driver is still good to know. But, there was a question from a tourist; can I drive the car to Java island if I rent it without driver?

For your information, Java island is the main island in Indonesia. The location is at the east side of Bali island. The island is separated by a sea. There are two ways you can reach Java; first is by plane and second is by ferry. And that tourist want to go to Java by car rental thru the ferry. That was why he asked us whether he can rent the car and drive it outside Bali, in this case he wants to go to Java island.

We sorry that we cannot rent the car in this way. As the car rental permit only be driven inside Bali island. If someone (the tourist) bring it to Java island by ferry, as at Gilimanuk Harbour there will be a regular checking for the car by the officers, you will get trouble.

No car rental permitted to be driven outside Bali. All tourist must obey it in order there will be no problem during the rental period.

Then, who to solve this problem, so the tourist can still able to visit Java island?

You need to rent the car With driver option.

This way the driver can drive and accompany you to visit and do some beyond Bali trip. Not only you can visit Java island but also Lombok island, which is reside at the west side of Bali island.

For further information about renting a car with driver that can drive you to Java or Lombok island please Contact us here.

Why some tourist would like to visit Java island?

There are two places of interest that attract the tourist around the world to visit Java. The first place is called Bromo Mountain and the second one is called Ijen Crater.

Both places is reside in East Java province. They are the most visited places of interest in Java, after the tourist spent some days in Bali. They do a beyond Bali trip after that.

So once again you cannot drive the car rental outside Bali island. But there is a way to solve this problem, that is by renting a car rental With the driver option.

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