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Buy a SIM card in Bali

For almost everybody, calling activity anytime and anywhere is an absolute thing. We cannot predict where and when we need to make a phone call, or just send an short message simple (sms) to another person. So, having the mobile phone with you – anytime, anywhere – is a must.

The question is, how about if you have a plan to leave for Bali, for example, for your holiday? Still, of course, you need a mobile phone number so that you can contact or contacted by somebody in your country of origin, or by somebody in Bali.

Fortunately, when you are in Bali, it is very easy to buy a SIM card for your mobile phone. You just need to replace your original sim card with the local Indonesia phone number. You can buy a  SIM card at many shop, store or mini and supermarket in Bali.

When you requested a SIM card from the shop, asking for the 2 most famous cellular provider in Indonesia, called Simpati or XL. The price for the first time card is very cheap, for the starter it is only about IDR 5,000. After that they will your identity to fill up the information detail of the card user. You do not need to do this, actually, as you just can request to your seller to simply use his id.

After that, only for about 1 minute, you are now having the GSM local number of Indonesia. With this number you can call your hotel, car rental company, or your restaurant, etc via the local number. These way you get a cheap price for calling activities in Bali, instead of using your overseas number.

How about if you just landing at the Bali Airport, and need a SIM card just right now? Do not worry, there are also some seller of the card at the airport. One of them is Circle K, a mini store located in front of the exit gate of the arrival. If you cannot find the location, just ask every body (cleaning service person, security person, ice cream counter, etc) where is the location of the Circle K. They will show you the place easily.

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