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Bali Under Rainy Season: Tips How to Deal With It

Bali is now under rainy season. Almost everyday there have been raining in the island. For some tourist there are some changes must be made regarding their daily activity in Bali. For example is the surfers. On the daylight especially around noon time, when the weather is bright, they are always on the beach to so some surfing. But, when the rain is come, most likely they will stop their activities. Also, for the car renters. As most of their day will be spend on the road to visit some places of interest, they must prepare for some stuffs to tolerance with the rain. In order to still enjoying the trip with the car rental in rainy season, here are some tips to keep in mind:

– Always use hat
Bali is a tropical island. No matter the weather is, always use your hat. This way will protect your head from the hot of the sun. It is absolutely very hot in Bali in summer. The sun of Bali can quickly burn your skin. And, just like now, if in Bali under the rainy season, the rain can be transpired all day long. When you are move between one place of interest to another, be careful with your head. Do not let your head wet by the rain, because sometime in the evening you will got a headache. A holiday with a headache is not a holiday anymore.

– Bring umbrella
Another important thing you should bring is an umbrella. You can protect not only your head, but also your body. Not only for your self, but also for another 1 family member, or friend. If you did not have a chance to bring it, you can asked for your car rental company to bring it along with their car rental so that you can use it later, if necessary.

– Use sandal instead of shoes
Sandal is much more convenience that shoes. If your shoes got some rain it need more time to be dried and cleaned. Sandal, it will be more easier. Furtermore, you will look more casual by using sandal instead of shoes.

– Choose the right tourism spot
On rainy season, especially if it is now raining, you need to specify which Bali places of interest you should visit. If you can, do not visit the beach, the zoo, the lake or waterfall. If you visit these kind of tourism spots, it is clearly that you will suffers, because your activity is limited there. Try to organize your trip to indoor tourism spot such as museum, or any traditional or modern shopping area.

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