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Bali to Serious with China High Spending Money Tourist

Bali is now to be more serious to maintain the market of China tourists. To be more specific, Bali wants to get more Chinese high spending money, so that they will stay longerĀ  and spend more money to buy some handicraft and any other merchandise from Bali. Or, trying more for some activities such as diving, and get for more for spa service in Bali. This is important to boost the quantity and quality for the tourism industry in Bali in 2015, especially from China.

So far the tourist from China identically with low spendingĀ  money tourist. Starting with the fact that as China is one of the rich country in the world, so they have big potency for the high tourism, with many rich peoples there. As recently held the meeting between the Bali tourism board with the delegates of some travel agents from China, hopefully the goal to bring for more rich tourist from China will be achieved soon. The response from China travel agents is very good, so they are now make Bali for their potential market for their travelers.

The amount of tourist visiting Bali for the last couple years has been showing good. It is always increasing year by year, at about 15-24 percent per year. This is because they China tourist is happy with the nature and culture of Bali.

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