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Bali (Still) As The Tourism Icon in Indonesia

Until today, the culture values of Bali still as the icon of tourism industry in Indonesia. The values has been attracting as a magnet of tourism for years. Simple proof why Bali still as the icon is the amount of tourist who has been visiting Bali shown increasing. People from around the globe always take their time to spend their holiday in Bali, as well.

The tourist make a holiday program to Bali, mostly does not looking for a hotel or villa. Yes, the hotel or villa is surely important for them, but not priority. Their top priority to Bali is to looking for the unique culture which is still alive until today. The unique thing of cultures, daily activities and the Balinese it self, like the the names of the family.  If only looking for great hotel, great panorama or beach, or any watersoprt activity, other location in Indonesia (such as Raja Ampat, Bromo Mountain, Yogyakarta, and many more) also offering those experiences more than Bali.

Inside Bali, mean for the Balinese and the Bali industry authorities, the most thing to be kept is to keep the environment to be still conducive for the tourist. The unique cultures must be conscious. Also, the cleanliness of the environment (on the beach, road, airport, etc) cannot be forgotten to be kept.

In this first quarter of 2012, the increasing of tourist who has been visiting Bali must be followed up with keeping up the standard excellent service to the visitors, so that until end of 2012 Bali still as the number 1 icon as the tourism industry not only in Indonesia, but also in the world.

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