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Bali on the Peak Season New Year 2013

It is only 20 days left for the celebration of end year 2012. And just like usual, the Island of Gods Bali will be once again fully loaded with the tourist, both locals and overseas. On this first 10 days in December, we can see and feel that the number of the visitors is climbing up. We can see that the places of interest in Bali is getting high to receive their visitors. We can feel that the road in Bali is likely to be more busy with many vehicles owned by travel agent in Bali, with the passenger or the tourist inside it. We can see now today many of the buses, and also car rentals on the road taking them to one of place of interest to another.

Another indication is some hotels is confirmed that their room has been booked significantly. This was began in early of December. Their guest had booked the room at least 1 month before the celebration of end year.

Our website, got the same condition. As we focused on the car rental and transportation, we have been receiving a large of booking number from the tourist. Just like what the tourist did with the room hotel, they did also the same regarding the car rental: had booked it as early as possible to avoid the unavailability of the service in this coming up new year eve.

Celebrating the new year eve in Bali is fun. It is very recommended indeed. But, this year, we need to keep in mind with the conditions of Bali. It is related to the conveniences of Bali infrastructure. As we may know, since end of last year, there are some developments running in Bali. Some of them are the renovation of Bali international airport, toll road building connecting Nusa Dua and airport and the underpass project in the famous Sunset Road area.

Based on facts figured out above, we know the traffic condition in Bali now days is bad. Actually, it is very bad. The traffic jam is a daily activity that the road users must be taken. Especially when you are driving in Kuta area, Sunset road area, and the area around airport. The traffic jam there is a certainty. These will be reached on peak time, especially on office hour start, lunch time, and end of the office time.

So, some tips to celebrate a new year new in Bali: On those time, if you are using a taxi or car rental service, if you can, avoid Kuta area, Sunset road area and around airport area. Also, book your room immediately. If you need to go travel around, also book your car rental as soon as you can. This is come with only one main reason: to avoid the unavailability of the services.

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