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Bali on Local High Season: Muslim Great Day Eidul Fitri

It is only 5 days left before Bali heading on a local high season. Or, we can say this is a peak season in Bali, connected to the local holiday in Indonesia. On the September 10th, 2010, there will be a Muslim Great Day Eidul Mubarak. In Indonesia, we called it Lebaran. All over the world will be celebrating this annual event. Indonesia as the largest muslim population in the world, of course, will be celebrate it either. And for most non-muslim in Indonesia, Bali is the best place to spend the day off.
So, in the next days around 10th September, you should not be surprise, if you will see so many local tourist in Bali in everywhere: the beach, restaurant, Bali places of interest, street, etc. Most of them is a family with their kids.

The formal day off should be only for 2 days (10th  – 11th), but it usually will be happened for total 7 days. So, around 3 days before and 4 days after the 10th, the Bali hotels will be fully booked. Do not be surprised that for some hotel you would like to stay in there, you will be rejected as the room was already booked before.

The same condition applied to the car rental service in Bali. It will be very difficult to book a car immediately around 10th, as local tourist already booked the car rental in advance. Or, if you still can get the car, usually the price is higher then usual.

Actually, not only Bali as the place with the increasing number of visitor. This is likely also happen on entire places of interest in Indonesia, such as in Jakarta. People on this great day often spend the days by doing some holiday to the places of interest on their own town.

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