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Bali Money is Indonesia Money

Bali is not a country. Bali is only a small island as part of the Indonesia territory. Indonesia itself is one of the biggest archipelago country in the world. Thus, as Bali is a part of the country of Indonesia, the use of the money for all transaction in Bali is using Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). There is no Bali money. The right one is Indonesia money. But, to make it easy, it is okay to just say Bali money instead of Indonesia money. The point is you know about it.

This best Bali car rental website is commonly using the Rupiah. The price of the car rental cam be seen at Rupiah Rate page. We have also for the Dollar rate that can be seen on the index page, but it is only use as the comparison price between rupiah. You know, the exchange rate between Dollar and Rupiah has been always changing, so that is why although we have the price in US Dollar, but we prefer to receive the car rental payment in Rupiah. This is to avoid the hassle of the exchange rate between Rupiah and Dollar every day.

On our Bali Money Currency Converter page, you can see the convertion between the Dollar and the Rupiah. From that page you can have the calculation of how much you must be pay for your Bali car rental, after we give you the total charge in Rupiah.

When you are in Bali, it is advised to bring for both Dollar and Rupiah. Dollar is important to bring as the transaction, usually in the big hotels and restaurants. Rupiah is more important to bring. Shopping store and merchandise shops at most places of interest in Bali is prefer to receive payment in Rupiah.

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