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Bali Green Bowl Beach Surf Ungasan

There is truly a hidden paradise in Bali, especially for those surfing lovers. This new surfing paradise, called Bali Green Bowl Beach Surf is located in Ungasan, Jimbaran area. If we ask the local about this place, maybe only few of them knew it. It is appropriate because the location of this surfing beach is very covert.

The publication and the spread of Bali Green Bowl Beach Surf does not massive. The truth about how easy to go to this beach is likely does not help to know this place. We can reach easily this new beach surf from any place in Bali, especially if we are coming from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua or Tanjung Benoa area. The road to go there is quiet flawless.

A clean beach, white sandy, clear water is the characteristics of this beach. A good wave to complete the perfection. For the information, the visitor is very rare, it is about only 25 visitors per day. Most of them is the overseas tourist who is doing some surfing. This beach which is widely open direct to the sea also has a bat cave, adding another unique thing about this place.

Although the road to go to this place is very easy (by car rental on motorbike), but remember to reach the actual beach is quiet difficult, or backbreaker. Situated just near Bali Cliff Resort Ungasan, we must go down of about 400 stairs. But, after we finished it, we will fell very happy because we are now seeing the great panorama and the cleanliness of the water. It is free of charge to entering the beach, and only pay for the parking of the vehicle for about IDR 5.000.

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