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Bali Car Rental in Ubud

Before you go to Bali and decided to rent a car from our car rental company, below conversation between us and the customer could be your guidance how to rent a Bali car rental, especially when you stay in Ubud and would like for the car to deliver there.

Ubud car rental BaliHi! Do you have a car with air conditioning to rent from today around 11am to Thursday 13pm in Ubud? And how much would it cost with an insurance?


Hello in which Ubud you are now? It seems there is the Toyota Avanza automatic with minimum renting 2 days $27 x 2 Days = $54.

Okay. Is there air conditioning / cooler in the car? Does the price include insurance?

Yes it has the air con. The price is include standard insurance with minimum excess $50 and maximum up to $500. There is full covered insurance to protect our car to buy $12 / day with no excess if damage happen.

Okay. So the full covered insurance: Does it mean that if I happen to crash the car or if someone steal it I need to pay nothing? And if I crash, who pays the damages of the other persons car? I am very carefully driver. I drive slowly and peacefully. But the traffic here is bad so its better to have an insurance.

Yes pay nothing. And it protect for our car only, not for the third party.

Okay. Who pays for the third party in Bali? Do I need to pay for it? In Finland you need to pay for the third party if police judges the crash to be your fault. So you need to have a insurance that covers it too.

Yes it will be under the renter responsibility. We believe the rules is difference in each country.

Okay… Do you have an insurance option that covers the third party too? I will drive carefully so I am sure it will not be my fault if there is a crash. But the police might think its my fault.

Fyi there was no incident at all with the third party since we run this business from the beginning (tens year). We do not have it.

Do you know is it usual taken as tourists fault? Do the policemen usually say it is the tourists fault when they are not sure about who is to blame?

As long as you can ensure with your correct reason, and any witnesses around you, you should be fine. As long as you drive in a wise way, do not speed up above the limit, (sorry) not drunk, and park the car inside authorized parking area in your hotel, restaurants, or places of interest then we highly believe everything will be just fine.

Okay. So if I take the full covered insurance it will pay for the third party if the crash is my fault up to 1000 $ and I need to pay the rest. Did I understand it correct?

So I will take that car for 2 days and with the full covered insurance 54$ plus 16$ total price.

I have a huge backpack. So do you think it would be possible to bring the car here? And could I also return it here? Because my scooter is here and I need to go to the airport with it on Thursday.

Ok until the 21st right? Yes, 19th until 21th.

Ubud car rental BaliWhat is the hotel name? And we just can arrive around 12 noon time as we just took conversation 40 minutes. And on 21th I will be here on this place at 13pm.

How about if you return the car at Bali airport? It is easier for you as you bring big backpack
Puji hostel and bungalows. I would love to. But I have a scooter here in Ubud and I rented it from Canggu. So I need to take it back there. Do you have any suggestions how I could do that?

Can you ask them to collect the scooter to your place? I think its not possible as it was only a small company.. but I will ask. Could you be here 11.45? We’ll try…see you soon. Sorry who is your name? My name self is Arif Thanks, see you!

Could you give my number to the driver? So well find each others So can I return the car to Denpasar airport? Where there exactly? Ok yes you can at drop off departure area.

Hi! I remembered the part Pertamina¬Ě but not the rest. I thought there is only Pertamini and normal gasoline. So I took 3 litres of Pertamini. Or maybe 5 liters. What happens now? Is it bad? Or is it okay if I now just add some Pertamax.

Ah that is ok just a little. I dont know what those names mean. In Finland there is only benzine and diesel. Next time please find the correct one at gas station Pertamina. Pertamax is benzine Okay. And what is PertaMINI? It is a street bensin stall. For motorbike usually

And pertaMINA? But this one eats pertaMAX not pertaminA, right? I will make it double sure now before taking any more. Right pertamax. And you buy it at Pertamina gas station

I am not sure if there are Pertamina stations in the north. But also the locals sell pertaMAX.

Can I buy it from local shops too? Better if you buy it now where you are. Don’t buy there. Must be at Pertamina Gas Station.

I did not know it should be Pertamina station so I am already going this far… But I hope Ill still find a Pertamina station here.

Hello..we meet 1pm at airport this afternoon? Hi! I got lost 2 times on te road. To some too small roads and had to turn around. And there was also a traffic jam in the beginning. So I think I will be there about between 3-4pm. Is it okay? Ok, give us update again later thx.

The renter who stay in Ubud ask for a car rental service from us and whether we can deliver it in her hotel in Ubud area. As we can see from above conversation that yes we can deliver the car there. It is free of charge for car rental delivering in Ubud.

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