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Bali Camel Safari in Nusa Dua

You do not have to go to Arab world, when you want to get the excitement of camel riding. In Bali, pricesely in Nusa Dua area, you can get that experience. The animal with the long neck can be enjoyed with the family. Especially if you bring your children, riding a camel together with the kids can be a wonderful experience.

The Camel Safari Bali can be enjoyed for 1 hour. The place took at the beach side of Nusa Dua tourism area, a place offering a luxury area in Bali. The riding of the camels is very wonderful. While the tourist sitting on the camel, they can see the wave of the beach, see the white sandy beach, and the beauty of the beach itself. The Bali Camel Safari took the place at the Nikko Bali Hotel Nusa Dua.

For the Bali pre-wedding activities, the camel safari can be a good alternative. Many pre-wedding activities can be see there at the camel safari area nowdays. So, for the pre-wedding picture, rather than riding a classic car which is common, why do not try riding a camel for their wedding in Bali?

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