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Bali Awarded by Travel+Leisure Magazine as The 2nd Best Island in The World

Bali island is once again crowned as The 2nd Best Island in The World and The 1st Best Island in Asia. Bali has defeated the other beautiful and lovely islands in the world, such as Maldives, Tasmania, or Hawaii . This title awarded by the magazine of Travel+Leisure (2015).

The magazine awarded a high ratings to Bali. This Island of Paradise scored at the second best island in the world, just after the tourism destination Galapagos Island in Equador as the first island.

Here is the complete list regarding the Best Island awarded by Travel+Leisure Magazine.
World Category:
1.   Galápagos Islands - Equador (score: 90.82)
2.   Bali - Indonesia (score: 88.98)
3.   Maldives (score: 88.53)
4.   Tasmania - Australia (score: 88.32)
5.   Santorini - Yunani (score: 87.93)
6.   Moorea - French Polynesia (score: 87.90)
7.   Maui - Hawaii (score: 87.89)
8.   Kauai - Hawaii (score: 87.88)
9.   Great Barrier Reef - Australia (score: 87.31)
10.  Malta (score: 86.90)

Asia Category:
1.   Bali - Indonesia (score: 88.98)
2.   Maldives (score: 88.53)
3.   Phuket - Thailand (score: 79.22)

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