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Available for Muslim Driver in Bali

Listening to our previous customers, and also to improve the quality of our service for all customers around the world, recently we just added the option of the Muslim driver in Bali. Some of our previous customers asked for the Moslem driver who will driving them to explore the island. They came from the Middle East countries and also from the South East Asia countries such as from Malaysia and Singapore.

Bali is widely known as the small island dominated by Hindu Balinese people. For almost Muslim tourist, it is not easy to find a mosque for pray in the middle of their tour. Also it is not easy to find a halal food in Bali, especially in the places of interest in Bali. They need some help from their companion in the middle of their tour (the right person, of course, is their driver) to find those such places.

With the help of their driver who is Muslim, the chance to find some halal foods and a mosque on their way visiting Bali places of interest would be more convenience.

Not only to help you to find a halal food, but the driver can assist you with the information of the mosque (masjid).

Imagine that you are traveling on Friday and you must find a masjid to do a Friday pray (shalatul jumu’ah), just after noon time. As we cannot leave this shalat so must try hard to find a masjid. Here the driver will help you, as he also must do this prayer cannot leave it.

Sign board of Ibnu Batutah Mosque

The biggest Masjid in Nusa Dua - Ibnu Batutah Mosque

Please note that in Bali, note all of the area have masjid. And if they have there only one or two masjids. Unless you are on the area close to the Denpasar (the capital city of Bali) and round up, such as Sanur or Nusa Dua. These area have many masjid and usually it is a big masjid, so can accept many number of jama’ah.

The halal food in Bali have the same conditions with masjid. Not every area have halal restaurant, or dining place.

Usually, if they are selling halal food, the restaurant put a logo written ‘HALAL‘, or ‘MOSLEM FOOD‘ or something like that. That is mean that restaurant is ok to entering.

Our Muslim driver’s can help you with all of this things. Guaranteed and trusted, insya Allah.

So, for you will be visiting Bali island for some holiday, and  need a driver Muslim as the driver to explore, we will do our best to make the person to be available.

Please let us know via comment below this blog. Or, simply make a Booking via this online form.


  1. Mohammad Razlan says:

    Hi,I would like to have a Muslim driver for my trip to Bali this end of MAY.How will the cost for 3 day usage be for an Avanza all inclusive.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Mr. Razlan,


      Thank you for your request, and we just sent you the email regarding the your request about Muslim driver in Bali.

      Please check your email out.

      Regards, Team

  2. Eni says:

    Salam, i would like to know the price for car rental + driver for one day. Do you have any tour itinerary?

  3. admin says:


    Thank you for your submitting.

    Yes we have a tour itinerary of Bali vacation, and we just sent it to your email address, as well.

    Regards, Team

  4. BK says:

    I will be visiting bali from 18/6 & will be staying at Nusa Dua & Kuta for a few days, Whats the cost of vehicle rental & driver per day. My party consist of 4 persons. Do you have package tours or itinerary. How much does it cost? Your assistance is greatly appreciated’


  5. admin says:

    Hello Mr. BK,

    Thank you for your message.

    We noted it all for your advise, please check your email out to see our answers.

    Regards, Team

  6. malik says:


    We re planning to visit bali in october and we would need information regarding a muslim driver. Could you kindly send us information for rates and what they include. We are also interested in renting a villa with pool .

    Thank you for your advice.

  7. Iman says:

    We are planning to visit Bali on the 11 – 14 Sept 2011. Our party consist of 2 adult and 1 child and planning to stay in the Swiss-belhotel Bayview. Please quote us on the following options:
    1. 1 day tour + airport return transfer.
    2. Car rental per day and car rental for the entire period when we are in Bali.
    3. Car rental + driver per day.

    Thank you.

  8. Rozana Haj says:

    Salam ,

    Saya akan bercuti ke bali 14/9 – 19/9/2011.saya akan tinggal di nusa dua & kuta area.saya memerlukan muslim driver dan saya juga mempunyai itinerary sendiri sepanjang tempoh tersebut. How much it will cost and will be 2pax.

  9. liza says:

    hubby and i will be visiting bali early october, we would like to rent a scooter and if there is any rules in bali for foreign rider….and what is your rate for 1 day car rental with muslim driver….area to tanah lot and nearby areas…..Thank you.

  10. Nor says:


    I’ll be travelling to Bali on the 9-11th Dec 2011 with my large family of 8 adults and 6 small children (all below 8).
    Do you have vehicle/s and a Muslim driver available to accommodate all of us just for a day, on the 10th dec?
    Hope to get a favourable reply. thanks.

  11. Noraini says:

    we are traveling from 5 to 12 dec and require a muslim driver. please advice rate.

    1. admin says:

      Assalamu’alaikum Ms. Noraini,

      The email regarding your request has been sent to your email address. Please check it out.


  12. Alin says:


    I would like to know the rate for the following :

    1. Airport transfer from airport to Ubud/Kintamani area
    2. Car rental with muslim driver for whole day with own itinerary

    Total guest travelling : 8 pax


    1. admin says:

      Assalamu’alaikum Ms. Alin,

      Thank you for your submission.

      An email regarding the answers of your request has just been sent.


  13. Sharifah Nurhayati says:

    Assalamu’alaikum..My family of 7 people will be in Bali from 10 Dec 2011 to 14 Dec 2011. We are looking for a good Muslim driver to drive us from our villa in Seminyak to our hotel in Ubud plus some tours along the way (13 Dec 2011 – 1 day) and also transfer from Ubud to airport (14 Dec 2011). Please send me your quote. Thank you!

  14. admin says:


    Thank you very much for your submission and would like to tell you that we just sent a reply to your email regarding your request about Muslim driver in Bali.


  15. ayub says:

    Visting Bali on this coming 21november. I need muslim drivers fetch me from Bali Airport to Hotels as well other places. Halall food and Masjid most important.


  16. ayub says:

    send me your quote , arrival at Kuta Airport To Hotel & return from Hotel To Kuta Airport. Per day tour for a group of five, ur quote

    1. Jonaidah says:

      I will be visiting Bali this may 25-29 may’12 , 3 children 11 adults. We need a muslim driver and van to pick us from Denpansari airport to our villa other places, halal food, masjid . kindly quote us the rate for the transprort

  17. suhaidi bin ismail says:

    i need a muslim driver for our trip to bali on 22/10/2011 until 27/10/2011.we stay at hotel rama candidasa.Could you e-mail us your quote and your contact no…Thanks

  18. Mrs Ahmad says:

    I need a driver for my family of 6 from 1 Nov to 6 Nov. Halal restaurants and masjid imp. Non smoking and air cond van please. What is the rate?

  19. Mr Zafrol says:


    I’m planning to visit Bali on early dec. I wanna rent a muslim driver+ car . Can u give me the rate all inclusive and suggested tour for a day. I also wanna know rate for renting a scooter. Thanks

  20. Asiah Ahmad says:


    We are a family of four and will be in Bali in mid Dec and staying in Kuta. Can you advise what is the rate of a muslim driver per day for a personalised itinerary and what is inclusive in the price.

    Thank you.

  21. nazatul fadzlin says:


    My partner and I are planning for a honeymoon trip there early next year. We have come out with our personalised itinerary and would be there for 9 days. Could you furnished us with the rate (per day, hour etc) and what’s inclusive in the price.

    Thank you.

  22. Zuraidah says:

    Salam, we are going to Bali this month. i would like to know the price for car rental + driver for one day.
    Do you have also any tour itinerary?
    Pls feedback.

  23. Shafeeq Ahmed Omar says:

    i will be travelling to Bali on 25th December and staying at Bali Patra for 5 days with my family ( 3 grown up children). i need a muslim driver to take us around when necassary. what will the cost be for hiring per hour with minimum booking will be 4 hours. your earliest reply will be highly appreciated.

  24. Laily says:

    Would like to know if your driver is available on Dec/25-Dec/28/2011 for our bali trip (4 adult 1 infant). Appreciate the cost for the rental (per day/hour).
    Thanks for your prompt reply.

  25. khairil says:


    I’m going to bali on 25th Dec 2011, total 3 adults + 3 children and will arrive at 12 noon. How much is the airport transfer to Tune Hotel in Kuta ? On 26th Dec I would like to rent a car with muslim driver for the whole day. Can you please help me with the requirements.


  26. Shahril says:

    I will be visiting Bali from 19/6/12 – 23/6/12. Appreciate if you could send me quote for car rental with a Muslim driver. Thank You.

  27. Salawati bakar Sidek says:

    Quotation for 6D5N bali trip on 03 Feb 2012 to 08 Feb 2012 – driver only.

  28. Melissa says:


    I would like to know the rate for full day driver+car..
    My hubby & myself will be in bali on the 30/1/12 – 4/2/12 & we have our own itenary..tq

  29. Fizah says:


    I am planning to go bali 20-23rd Jan.
    What is your rate for car rent (party of 8pax) with driver?
    Do you have a planned itinerary too?

    thank you

  30. Birgit Magyar says:

    Dear Balicarrent-Team!
    We are 2 families from Austria.
    My family has got 2 adults and 2 children (aged 12 and 13), our friends are 2 adults and 3 children (aged 9, 12 and 15).
    We would like to rent two cars from July 11 till July 17, 2012.
    Would it be possible to rent one car on July 11 in Padangbai (we arrive with the ferry from Lombok) and return it in Gilimanuk on July 17 ( we take the ferry to Java).
    We would need the second car from July 12 Denpasar Airport (where our friends arrive), also returned in Gilimanuk.
    What would the price be for:
    • The two cars without driver
    • One big car with driver?
    Thank you very much!
    Kind regards!
    Mrs. Birgit Magyar

  31. Rose says:

    I need to know the rate for a day tour with muslim driver n a car for 1 day.

    Thanks n best reagrds

  32. ria says:

    asswrwb … kami bertiga akan ke bali awal Juli 2012 … mohon info rate supir muslim utk 3 hari … dan juga berapa sewa mobil tanpa driver ? ditunggu kabarnya … tq

  33. Johan says:

    Assalamualaikum… Hi… I would like to have a Muslim tour guide and driver in Bali for upcoming 9-11 of march…. Please do send us for the information… Thank you. Wssala,

  34. Zara says:


    I would like to know the rate for full day (muslim driver + car) and also for half day (5 hours/day). My husband and I will be in Bali from 25/2 to 28/2. Thank u.

  35. Rahimah Aman says:

    I would like to know the rate for the following :

    Car rental with muslim driver for whole day with own itinerary

    I’m going to Bali with my husband, 20 & 18 yr sons.


    1. admin says:

      Waalaikumsalam Wr. Wb..

      Please check ur email out regarding our answers for Muslim driver..thank you for your submission.

  36. Dyana says:

    would like to have a Muslim driver and car rental for my family trip in Bali from 15 Apr – 19 Apr 2012 with own itinerary.

    12 paxs + full air conditioner + comfortable + good conditions = Transportation ISUZU ELF : 12 jam
    (Driver + Bbm +Parking Ticket)

    I will provide the tour programme & accomodations soonest.

    Thank you.

  37. rapigh says:

    Hi , I am planning go to bali on 27/4/2012 to 30 /4/2012

    1. how can i rent car and what is your rate with driver / without driver.
    2. were can i find halal food or restaurants

    your assistance is greatly appreciated


  38. Rose says:

    My hubby n I was in Bali from 24/02/12 to 27/02/12. We would like to extend our thanks to Pak Haliman from Bali Car Rent for arranging the best Muslim driver Pak Andy throughout our stay in Bali. Pak Andy is not only a driver but also a very good tour guide n very informative about Bali. With him, we have no worry of where to go or eat during our stay. All we need is to enjoy our ride from the time we start the day till we were safely back to hotel. Pak Andy will do the itenerary n he sure know the best n a must place to visit while in Bali. Even our stay is a short one but a very memorable one. We manage to visit quite a number of places n capture the beauty of Bali from our lens. We will definately be coming back to Bali n will use the Bali Car Rent for our future stay in Bali. Thanks once again to Pak Haliman n give our regards to Pak Andy.

    Salam from Singapore
    Pak Kamal n Ibu Rose

  39. Eeda says:

    Salam, would you be able to give me the info on car rental with muslim driver from 26 march to 28 march for 4 adults?Thank you. : )

  40. Abuzar says:


    I would like to have muslim driver for 11 of us on July 3 to July 5 for 3 days

    Thank You

  41. Nur Amira Filzah says:


    I would like to know the costs and charges of a Muslim Driver for 1 day tour and for 6 pax. What will the itinerary be?

    Thank you!

  42. Iliani says:

    Hi… I would like to have a Muslim tour guide and driver in Bali for upcoming 17 – 20 of march 12… for 2 adults & 2 childrens. Please do send us for the information… Thank you very much…

  43. Ismaini Bt Ishak says:


    My family of 5 pax (husband, me and our children of 8, 10 & 14 years old) is
    coming to Bali on 3 – 7 June 2012. We are interested to take your service and
    will confirm if the rate is reasonable. Our itinerary is as follow :

    5 June 2012 9.00am Pick up at Bali Sorgawi Hotel, Legian
    Lake Beratan
    Bedugul Market
    Lunch at Ayam Bakar Taliwang
    Candi Kuning & Strawberry Farm
    Tanah Lot
    Dinner at Madania Restaurant (Jl Bypass Ngurah

    6 June 2012 9.00am Pick up at Bali Sorgawi Hotel, Legian
    Tohpati Batik Painting
    Sukawati Market
    Lunch ( will advise )
    Geneva Handicrafts Centre

    – end –

    Please respond. Thank you for your kind attention.

    Warm regards

  44. Suraya says:


    I would like to hire a Muslim driver from 11 April 2102 to 15 April 2012 for my Bali trip. Please email me for the details.

    Your prompt response is highly appreciated. Thanks!


  45. fauze says:


    We planned to visit Bali from 18/3/2012 – 21/3/2012, and we looking for Muslim Driver and Tour guide during our stay.

    Could you email me the itineraries (package available) and fees for your Muslim driver and car.
    It just only two of us.


  46. Ina says:

    Need details info on transport as below details:
    2-incl tip,petrol?
    3-does it hv limit of tour?certain hours/places?
    4-cost per day

  47. Farah says:

    I and husband present honeymoon to Bali from 7 to 10 april 2012 and require a muslim driver. please advice rate.

  48. Farah says:


    I and husband present honeymoon to Bali from 7 to 10 april 2012 and require a muslim driver for 1 day tour (10 hours). please advice rate.

    OK, thank you..

  49. Lynda says:


    I would like to have a muslim driver from 14th to 17th May 2012 for 2 paxes. Thanks.

  50. Jamilah Mohd Salleh says:


    I wish to have a muslim driver for my trip to Bali this coming 5/4 – 8/4. Could you also include in the itinerary for those days too. I will be staying at Keraton Jimbaran Resort & reaching Bali on the 5/4.
    Please revert back to me soonest & include in the cost too. Tqs

  51. Mie says:


    may i know charge for muslim driver per day?

  52. Wan says:

    Hi, My wife and i will be visiting bali on the 1st until 4th may 2012. We would like to have a good muslim driver troughout the period. May i know how much does it cost?

  53. rose says:


    I will be visiting Bali from 11/5/12 – 14/5/12. I would like to have a Muslim tour guide and driver in Bali . Can u give me the rate all inclusive and tour itinerary .( 2pax). tq

  54. Norliza says:

    Hi, can you recommend me a good muslim tour guide for my bali trip this 9th of June. Hope to hear a reply soon.

  55. azwar says:


    I would like to know the cost and charges of a muslim driver for one day tour and half day tour for 3 pax. We have come out with our own personalized itenerary during our 5D 4N stay in Bali. ( i.e from 28.5.2012 to 1.6.2012 ).

    Hope to hear a reply soon.

  56. Amir Zainol says:


    We are visiting Bali from 11/06/2012.
    What is rate for a driver for 2-3 days tours.
    do you conduct tour for 8 persons.
    Amir 3/5/12

  57. Sharon says:

    Could you please let me know if you have a muslim tour guide/driver available on 27 May 2012? Hope to hear from you asap. Thanks.

  58. Jasmin says:


    Boleh saya dapatkan quoatation utk family 10 org 1-4 June 2012. Accomodation sedang di cari

  59. Aniza says:


    can you recommend me a good muslim tour guide for my bali trip on 16th January 2013 till 19th January 2013 for 4 pax. Hope to hear a reply soon.May i know how much does it cost?

  60. Khairul Nizam says:

    Appreciate you can email me quotation refer to below details.
    1. 4d3n to Bali. 2/10/12 to 5/10/12
    2. 5adults and 2 child’s , 6 and 4 years old.
    3. Prefer Muslim package.
    4. Prefer hotel near market. 3 star should be ok.
    5. harga untuk mobil, supir/guide, dan BBM.
    6. entrance fee, dance fee, donation, dan tip.
    7. Private package.(fleksibal)

    Tempat Kunjungan


  61. Nani says:

    Assalamualaikum ,

    Saya dan suami akan ke Bali pada 31/8/2012 to 3/9/2012.
    Please recommend me a good muslim tour guide driver + car including
    pickup/transfer airport to hotel and coluld you quote for me a day tour (private tour by request ).


  62. fauzi hamzah says:


    Kami sekerluarga 2 dewasa & 3 kanak2 akan bercuti ke Bali dr 3 dec – 8 dec, memerlukan kereta sewa n supir muslim.


  63. Fai says:

    Brapa harga sewa elf + muslim supir + bbm utk 1-3 hari ?
    Sekeluarga 5 dewasa + 6 anak2, di bali dari tanggal 6 – 10 Dec

  64. Zunita says:

    Mohon diemelkan harga sewa satu kenderaan untuk 3 – 6 Disember 2012 utk 3 dewasa dan 2 kanak-kanak.

  65. Abby ramli says:

    Need a muslim driver asap as i wil arrive in bali tomorrow evening. Pls revert asap plus how much does it cost??

  66. jaafar says:

    We are planning to visit Bali from 24 may to 27 may 2013. Altogether there are 9 members in our group. We would like to request for a van plus a Muslim driver to assist us while staying in Bali. We plan to visit places of interest in Bali. Kindly gives us your itenenary and quotation. Thank you.

  67. abdul aziz says:

    Saya sekeluarga seramai 6 orang dan baby 1 tahun akan melawat Bali
    dari 7apr hingga 10 april 2013 nanti. Saya ingin dapatkan cadangan
    itinerary tempat-tempat menarik Bali dan kos transport+ muslim
    supir+bbm ….(makan restoran HALAL )

    Jadual saya adalah seperti berikut:

    7 apr 2013 – Arrival Bali Airport jam 1.00 tengah hari
    – Check in Tune Hotel LEGIAN
    – Bali Tour

    8 apr 2013 – Bali Tour

    9 apr 2013 – Check out Hotel
    – Check in Tune Hotel KUTA
    – Bali Tour

    10 apr 2013 – Bali Tour
    – Departure Bali Airport jam 7.00 malam

    Terima Kasih.

  68. Rin says:

    Hi, will be heading to Bali in Sep 2013 and would like to request for the services of a Muslim driver + car for 2 persons. Duration is for 1-2 days. Look forward to a reply, thanks!

  69. Djelloul says:

    my wife my son and myself should inchalah in bali around the 22.10.14
    We would like to know the daily rate for a car with driver


  70. Roslan Rosli says:

    Assalamualaikum, exploring cost to rent an MPV, unlimited usage in Bali including Muslim driver for 6 pax fr airport to hotel on 25th Dec through 28th Dec. Pl advise. Thank you

    1. admin says:

      Assalamu’alaikum, all…

      An email regarding the request of muslim driver in Bali has been just sent. Sorry for some delay of response.


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