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Australia (Still) as the Top Ranking for Bali

The Australian citizen who has been visiting Bali (either for leisure or business) is 399,988 peoples. This data has been taken from the last 8 months (January – August, 2010). The number is increasing for about 47.25 percent compare to the same period for last year 2009, at ‘only’ 271,643 peoples.

The increasing number of the visitor coming from Australia, make the country, once again, as the most top country who has been visiting The Island of the God, Bali. Mostly, the Australian entering Bali via the Ngurah Rai International Airport, using the plane direct from their country. The rest of them via the harbour using the ship, or cruise.

So far, Australia giving the contribution about 23.83 percent from the total overseas tourist who has been visiting Bali. For the information, the total number of overseas tourist in Bali is 1,678,170 peoples, for the last 8 months (January – August, 2010).

From the Top 10 country, six of them increase significantly for the number of visiting. Beside Australia, those country are China, Taiwan, England, Germany and Singapore. While the decreasing number is for the country of Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and French.

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