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About Parking Fee in Bali

Parking is the common thing if you go outside bringing your vehicle. Talking about parking, usually we also must talk about the parking fee. Parking fee is widely known in all country. In Bali, same thing is applied. So, when you are in Bali and decide to rent a car, whether self driver or with driver, please prepare for some small cash to pay your parking fee.

If you receive your car rental directly in the Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport, when you go out from the airport, you must pay for the parking fee at IDR 6.000 (six thousands Rupiah). This is for the first hour charge (less then 1 hour parking at the airport). For each additional 1 hour, you will be charge another IDR 2.000. So, for example, if you leave your car at the airport for total 3 hours, you must pay for IDR 11.000.

Confuse about how much is the exchange rate? Please go to Currency Converter page to convert any currency (including Rupiah) to any other type of currency.

Arrive in your hotel, it is absolutely free of charge when you park your car rental there. When you are visiting a restaurant, this will be usually will be free of charge, as long as long the restaurant has their own parking area. If (for some reason) you cannot park inside restaurant’s parking area, and must parking the car outside of restaurant (at the side of public street), sometime there will be a parking officer charge you at IDR 2.000.

The same IDR 2.000 will be applied if you entering a mall, or department store for shopping. For example, if you want to shop at supermarket in Bali, they will charge you for IDR 2.000.

The higher charge will be applied at the places of interest, such as Tanah Lot, Bedugul, or Dreamland Beach. The cost is vary between IDR 3.000 – IDR 5.000. Please note some of places of interest will include the parking fee along with the entrance fee of the place.

So, to make you easy to make payment for the parking fee in Bali, always bring the small Rupiah every day in your trip.

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