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A Transit Hotel in Ngurah Rai Bali Airport

The International Airport Bali Ngurah Rai according to the master plan of the extension of the airport targeted finish in 2013, will be equipped with a hotel building. It is more to a transit hotel. This building will be act as a value added of the airport facility to the passengers, which can be used by either domestic or overseas tourist.

The airport authority explained, for example there will be some delay of the flight, or worst, a canceled flight, that is mean the passengers may be need to rest. They are looking for a room which is more than just a lounge. In that room, the passenger can take a bath, or have a breakfast, or something like that. After waiting for some hours, they can then check out from this transit hotel room, and then get ready to check in for the flight.

The building of this hotel transit, of course, will be located inside the complex of this new Bali airport. 2013 is the deadline to finishing the Bali airport extension. The airport is located in Denpasar city, the capital city of Bali province in Indonesia. Ngurah Rai Bali International airport is the only only commercial airport, until today this article has been written.

Update: Here is the new Hotel transit now available to be staying at Bali Airport: Novotel Hotel Bali Airport.

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