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5 Tips to Change Your Money

When you have a vacation abroad, to Bali for example, one of the most important thing to do is to change your local money (Australian dollar, US dollar, Indian rupee, etc) to the local currency of the destination country. Like if you want to rent a car in Bali, it is very advised you know today exchange rate of the Rupiah (Indonesian Rupiah – IDR). In order to to that, follow these 5 tips so you can avoid any loss.

1) Know today currency rate
It is very important to know the value of the local Rupiah currency today. For more accurate data, you can consult directly to your bank, or visit the online internet service for the exchange rate. One of them is Bali Currency Converter page.

2) Change your money before leaving for Bali
It is very advised you change the money before leaving for Bali, to avoid any loss of your money. Just in case, just maybe, when you were already in Bali your money will be lower costed, especially the year of the money made below 5 years ago. Also, by already have Rupiah before leaving in Bali, you will do not have to busy looking for the money changer in the island.

3) Do not change your money at airport
Most of the money changer at any airport, whether they are authorized one or not, will costed your money lower. This is because they were thinking that the traveller do not have any choice to change. Money changer outside the airport is usually have a better rate. There are 2 conditions if you must change the money at airport: you do not have enough time to do that in your country, and you do not have much time to change your money outside the airport.

4) Avoid changing the money at the places of interest
Same reason with point 3 above. As usually, the tourist will do not have a choice except they must change their money right away now.

5) Always find the authorized one
Whether you change your money in your country or in Bali, always find the authorized one. It is easy to find whether they are authorized one, or not. All of the bank is authorized money changer. Another one (not the bank) they have the sign authorized sticker that they are Authorized Money Changer. Usually near of that sign we can see the license from the local government. So, it should be save to change.

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