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March, 2017:

Rupiah That Has Too Many Zero..

We have been offering 2 type of currencies to our guest regarding for the car rental price. The first one is in Rupiah and another one is in US Dollar. For the renter (the tourist), both currencies have their own advantage. Rupiah has a lower rate than the US Dollar, on certain type of car rental. While if the renter chooses US Dollar it would make them easier to understand regarding the nominal, or the amount they have to pay. But basically, the amount they must to pay is the same. It is only a matter of exchange rate. And speaking to the exchange between Rupiah and any other currency, not only US Dollar, there were a joke around it 🙂 (more…)

Pick Up The Car Rental in Sanur Harbour

There are many places regarding where to receive a car rental in Bali. The most common one is receive it in Bali Airport based on the arrival date. Others is receive the car in the hotel where you are staying. Or, in Padangbai harbour where you come to Bali from Gili island in Lombok. Or in Gilimanuk harbour after you spent holiday in Java island. And now this blog explains you how to receive the car in Sanur harbour, just after you landing from Lembongan island. (more…)

Between Conventional Taxi, Online Taxi and Car Rental

Transportation is an important facility in a tourism  destination. No exception in Bali. By knowing the transportation conditions in Bali, you will get some guides how to deal with. Choose the best one which one is best for your needs. And here are 3 types of transportation that can the tourist rely on. (more…)

Public Transport in Bali

Like many other tourism destination in the world, Bali also had some problems regarding its services. From some of the problems that exist in Bali that with regard to tourism, the most complicated one is the issue of transportation, particularly public transport. In addition to the conventional taxi service, in Bali, travelers practically have no choice to use public transport to travel from one place to another in convenience way. (more…)

Bali as The World’s Best Tourist Destination 2017: TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor, the most popular travel site and advisory network on the planet were just recently awarded Bali as The World’s Best Tourist Destination in 2017. Bali also occupied first place based on the choice of foreign tourists. This should be a great opportunity to market Bali to be more wider and louder to the world. One of the opportunity is to promote Bali to the Middle East tourist after King Salman visit in Bali early this month. (more…)

Deliver The Car Rental in Padangbai Harbour

After spend some days for holiday in Bali, some tourist also had a plan to extend their holiday into the neighbouring island Lombok. Or the opposite; the first holiday is in Lombok and then to Bali. For your information, Lombok however nowdays, from day to day has been growing attractive to attract more tourist visiting Lombok. Surely Lombok can be an alternative vacation beyond Bali. And from many places on Lombok, the Gilis and Senggigi is the best places of interest to be visited. (more…)

Credit Card Payment Procedure For Car Rental

When you decided to make payment for your Bali car rental by using your credit card, please be noted that we will only charge your credit card when we meet you in Bali. This can be either at the Bali airport on your arrival, or directly in your hotel. So when you make a booking for one of our car rental, before you leave for Bali, you do not make a payment yet. The payment can be done later up on car delivery on your first day. (more…)

Novotel Hotel, Bali Airport Hotel Transit

It is the Novotel Hotel, the only one hotel titled as a transit hotel inside the area of Bali Airport Ngurah Rai. Once again, the location is in the airport area. So, after a flight of several hours through tiredness from your country of origin, you do not need to get out of the airport to to check in to your hotel. You don’t even need to rent a taxi. You just need to walking from the arrival terminal building to your room, if you had make a booking in advance for the Novotel Hotel Bali Airport. (more…)

Wonderful Indonesia Wins The Best Exhibitor 2017 in ITB Berlin

The Indonesian pavillion, called ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ successfully defended his title as The Best Exhibitor 2017 at ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin), 8-12 March, 2017. This such great news were announced on Sunday 12 March in Berlin, Germany. Indonesia again outperformed competitors nearby, ‘Imagine South Korea’ grabbed the 2nd and ‘Amazing Thailand’ at number 3. (more…)

How To Use GPS Navigation in Bali

GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation currently has become a must for everyone, if they want to traveling with ease, without getting lost. In almost European cuntry, the United States and some Asian country, GPS navigation have become a mandatory requirement in every vehicle produced from the factory. Why a GPS navigation becoming more popular and popular? Because the needs of traveling by the peoples is raising up in the last decade. (more…)