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November, 2012:

12 Head of State in Bali Democracy Forum 2012

Bali Democracy Forum (DBF) will be attended by 12 head of state. The forum will be also attended from other 73 member countries around the world. So far, all of the participants from those 73 countries has been confirmed to attend this world class forum which will be held in the prestigious area Nusa Dua, Bali. BDF will be held for 2 days on the 8th – 9th of November, 2012, in Nusa Dua Bali, as the fifth forum since the first time was in 2008. (more…)

Indonesia Has The Best Hotel in South East Asia

Indonesia once again got the attention from the overseas tourist. Before, a leading-owned by government airline company in Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia Airways has been awarded as The World’s Best Regional Airline, now Indonesia has been awarded as the top 20 countries with The Best Hotel in South East Asia. Approaching this end year, the world reputable travelling magazine, Conde Nast Traveler (CN Traveler)  has been questioning their readers. It is a routine program for each year. Before, the magazine has been released the rating for The Best 10 Towns in Asia, now they were just released a new rating called Top 20 The Best Hotel in South East Asia. (more…)

Coral Biorock as Tourist Magnet in Bali

The artificial coral reef, called The Coral Biorock in Pemuteran, north Bali, obviously become a magnet for the overseas tourist, especially from Europe, and thus, giving a positive impact for the local citizens regarding with the economic issue. All of the tourist who has been visiting Pemuteran and living there in the hotels or resorts, they must be see the coral Biorock. Not only just see it, but most of them will continue to enjoy it with doing another activity such as snorkeling or diving. The spot is very interesting for them, because this is the biggest artificial coral reef ever made in the world. (more…)