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August, 2012:

5 Millions Tourist Visiting Bali in 2015

The Governor of Bali Province, Made Mangku Pastika had estimated that the amount of overseas tourist from around the world, who will visiting Bali will be reached 5 millions. The estimation based on the better conditions of the infrastructures to support Bali tourism. Also, the trend of the increasing tourist visiting Bali per year, toughen the estimation. In this year 2012, it has been predictable that total amount of the tourist will reached 3 millions. (more…)

7 Surfing Spots in Bali

Everybody knows that Bali is the heaven for surf goers. With the main one is in Kuta beach. But, surfing in Bali is not only in Kuta. Try to find another surfing spots in Bali. There are many places that can be visited and enjoy the surfing activities there. Some of them is existed in south Bali, and some of them in north Bali. All of them is offering their own magnet to attract the surfer. So, once again, after Kuta, some below spots can be a perfect place to start your new surfing activity. (more…)

Indonesia Enjoys the Increasing Number of Tourist

Indonesia is one of the most favorite destination for overseas tourist. This is come from the fact that the number of visiting from overseas tourist in Indonesia is increasing. The number is 3.8 million visitors in the early year. This is increase for 7.75 percent compared with the last year, same period. Seem that the Indonesian government project, called Visit Indonesia Year 2012 is on the right track. (more…)