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July, 2012:

3 Gili’s in Lombok

Just close from Bali island, there is an island which called ‘Bali 10 years ago’. Yes, that island is Lombok island. Lombok island located at the east side of Bali island. By plane, it will need take for about 30 minutes only. By ferry (via Padangbai harbour) it will take about 5 hours. The beach and the panorama at Lombok is beautiful just like in Bali. However, around Lombok island, there are other 3 small islands called Gili: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. These are the most interesting place to visit by most tourist in Lombok. (more…)

The World’s Best Regional Airline Awarded to Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Airlines Tbk (GIAA), an airline company owned by the Indonesian government, just recently receive a prestigious award as The World’s Best Regional Airline. The award has been given at the Farnborough Airshow in England. The CEO of Garuda Indonesia, Mr Emirsyah Satar just said this award is as a result of the hard works of all of the Garuda employees. (more…)

Culinary Icon in Bali: Ayam Betutu

Ayam Betutu (Betutu Chicken) is one of the culinary icon in Bali. It is very popular among the citizen. For the overseas tourist this food is recommended due to the delicious and crispy. Another culinary icon is Babi Guling (Pig Suckling). How to cook Betutu chicken is just the same with pig suckling. The only one different is, Betutu is using steam while pig suckling is using toast. (more…)

Toll Road in Bali Will be Opened July 2013

The tourism industry in Bali is now booming. The amount of visitor who has been visiting Bali is increased much. Thus, other development such as properties (hotel, villa, other accommodation) will follow the trend. Not only that, the transportation sector is also booming. Many car rental companies must buy some new car rentals to make sure that all their customers (the tourists) will be served. As the amount of the car is increasing, the building development along the road is also running at the same time, with no widen capacity of the road, then the nightmare is now happening: traffic jam!


Recommended Dive Resort in Indonesia

The  cosiness of the resort not only from the value of the building luxuries itself, or from the private beach-island far from the crowd. Other than than, some resort has choosed the diving as their main attraction for their guest. Why diving? As we all know, especially for diving lovers, everybody will be charmed with the beauties of Indonesian undersea. Bali itself, has one of recommended diving spot in Tanjung Benoa.  So for you who loves much with the diving places in Bali, it is time for you to explore beyond Bali, visiting the most favorite resort diving in Indonesia. Check these out: (more…)

Vacation at Serangan Turtle Island

In Bali, actually there are many hidden beach. They are untouched yet by the tourist. Most of them only few visited by the local citizen, so the condition is very quiet. But, the beach is so beautiful with sunset view, and clear-fresh water inside. Other than that, in Bali island there are also many small island. So we can say an island inside another island. Some of them has their uniqueness. One of the island called Serangan Island. (more…)