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May, 2012:

The 9th Indonesia Travel and Holiday Fair 2012

There will be a great fair related to the Indonesian travel industry. For those who loves traveling not only in Bali, but also beyond Bali such as Yogya, Sumatera, Raja Ampat and many other interesting places in Indonesia, The 9th Indonesia Travel and Holiday Fair 2012 can be an interesting event to attend. (more…)

Waja River Rafting in Karangasem Bali

Had a great experience with rafting in Bali, such as with Ayung river rafting? Surely, because for the tourist, visiting Bali without doing this activity does not fun. There are many choice of rafting in Bali, butĀ  if the popular one, likeĀ  Ayung river is too ordinary for you, maybe you can try another more challenging rafting, which called Waja River Rafting. The river itself also has a beautiful waterfall view. (more…)

Bali (Still) As The Tourism Icon in Indonesia

Until today, the culture values of Bali still as the icon of tourism industry in Indonesia. The values has been attracting as a magnet of tourism for years. Simple proof why Bali still as the icon is the amount of tourist who has been visiting Bali shown increasing. People from around the globe always take their time to spend their holiday in Bali, as well. (more…)