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February, 2012:

Tanah Lot Bali Tariff Increase 100% in 2012

Tanah Lot Bali, who does not know with one of the most places of interest in Bali. Whether you are a local tourist or overseas, you must know about this place. Tanah Lot is a temple (one of the Balinese holy temple) located in Jimbaran area, near Uluwatu. Tanah Lot has the spectacular sunset view, with the big waves around the temple. The location of the temple itself is on the beach / sea, especially on tidewater. So many tourist has been visiting Tanah Lot, and starting on early next month, March 2012, the tariff will be increased 100%. (more…)

Overseas Tourist to Indonesia is Increasing

For the last year, for the period of January – December, 2011, the number of the overseas tourist who had been visiting Indonesia is increasing, reached at 7.65 million of tourist. This visiting number is increasing at 9.24 % compared with the same period of year 2010, at 7 million tourist. From the tourism industry in 2011, the country was received the foreign exchange for about US$ 8.6 billion, or increasing 13.16 % compared with the foreign exchange in 2010 at US$ 7.6 billion. (more…)