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November, 2010:

Overseas Tourist in Bali Reach 2 Million in 2010

Until today, the overseas tourist who has been coming to Bali is about 2 million visitors. They were coming from all around the world, especially from Australia, Europe and Asia. The government has been announced early this year, that visitor coming to Bali must be in 2,3 million visitor in 2010. So that is mean, about 300.000 more visitors needed for the rest of this months November, and next month December. Those 2.3 million visitor will be reach out of target. (more…)

Driving in Bali

Like everybody who had a holiday on their favorite destination, and got a chance to rent a car and start driving self drive, it is important to know¬† regarding the rules of driving in the country. Actually, no need everything to know, only the basic information usually can do, and you will be ready to drive. (more…)

Dance Performances in Sanur

Sanur has been knowing as the area with peacefully living, a unique mix of traditioal and contemporary culture, modern tourism including for the beach and museums, and momentous history. Sanur is also close to the area of Kuta, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. It is also very close to the capital city of Bali, Denpasar. In short, Sanur is a must-visited place when you come to Bali. (more…)

Embassy & Consulates Information

When you are having a vacation in Bali, sometime there could be 2 option: enjoy it, or nightmare! If everything is fine, then you are enjoy it. But, if there is some mistake, like you lost your password, or lost your big money, than it will be a nightmare. If this happen to you, it is time to contact your embassy and consulates in Bali, to get some help. (more…)

Places of Interest in Bali

Getting to know the point of interest in Bali is very important for tourist. Because from there you can make a decision which place is suitable to be visited for you. Such as, if you like the beach, then you go to the beach area. If you like for the museum, then you go there. Or, if you want to diving, then you should to the dive spots. (more…)

Free Rabies in Bali in 2012

The Indonesian Government, through Bali Province Government expects that the island must be free from any rabies issue at least by the end of 2012. In Bali, the epidemic of rabies it self first known in 2008. Now, with additional fund from the government at 15 billion Rupiah, hopefully the epidemic can be eliminated forever from the island. (more…)